portable solar panel

Home FAQs

Are you a manufacturer or Trading Company?

We are a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, specializing in portable solar products, and we have our own mold/tooling factory, which is our mother company. You are welcome to visit our factory!

Can we have our own logo on the products or the package?

Yes service is available. You can send us your artwork to be put on the products.

What is the delivery time?

Lead time is usually 30 days. If we have stock, then it is within one week.

What is the warranty time?

We offer one year product workmanship warranty for all of our products.

What certificates do you have?


What maintenance does a solar emergency backup generator require?

You just need to recharge the unit every 3-4 months when it is not in use for a long time.

Can I use my devices while it is charging. ?

Yes, you can charge and discharge at the same time.

What is a portable solar generator?

Solar generators are portable devices that capture, store and distribute electricity generated by the sun.

Does a solar generator work at night or when it is cloudy?

YES, the deep cycle batteries store energy for days, sometimes weeks depending on your power usage. In fact, as long as there is daylight it continues to produce power.

Will a solar generator work in winter?

Yes, all of our portable solar generators are thoroughly insulated and the batteries are wrapped with a low voltage blanket to keep them at optimum operating temperatures.