portable solar generator

Unique and high quality portable solar generators provide you with unlimited power.


Power Generator

All-in-one and high capacity power generator will provide you with stable power supply.



portable solar panel china

Compact, light weight solar panels collect power from the sun to charge your devices or generators.



solar inverter

Integrated portable solar inverters take use of your battery and provide you with AC & DC power.

solar power system

MONTEK, a professional and innovative company, mainly to provide our customers with high quality and unique power solutions. Our main products are portable solar kits, portable power packs, portable solar panels, portable solar inverters, portable solar LED lights, etc. Complying strictly with ISO 9000 and strict IQC and OQC management system, we are responsible to our Lords (our customers) and to our employees and to our community.

We own professional researching team with the strong competence and rich experience of cooperating with our customer ODM projects. When you work with MONTEK, you're working with a company that strives for quality and you will understands that there are no short cuts to achieve excellence. Not only will you receive the highest quality products on time if you do business with us, you will also discover a company with whom you will want to develop a pleasant, long-term, mutual beneficial cooperation relationship!